Project Description

Neeman’s Shoes – Cross marketplace management

Key metrics impacted

CTR – Click Through Rate | ACoS – Advertising Cost of Sale | CR – Conversion Rate

How do we do it


Reallocated spends to competitive keywords

Leveraged intelligence from Revstack & optimization of Reviniti


Impacted SERP ranking

Ensured category high content scores and data-driven marketing strategy


Countered Competitive Threat

Keyword wise data enabled the brand to block top performing competition keywords

Portfolio Optimization

Promoting cross sell

Display ads of other shoe products on own product listings & vice-versa

Cross Marketplace Intelligence

Consolidated data from multiple marketplaces

Ensured visibility and proactive actions across marketplaces to support the brand’s success

Promotion Strategy

Data-driven pricing

provided analytics supported price actions to optimize promotions
based on demand, margins, and competition

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