Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’re here to answer! is a cutting-edge Technology and Data Science product company, that helps Brands win and grow profitably on e-commerce marketplaces globally. Our solutions and platforms help our customers accelerate their revenue growth through e-marketplace data, advanced & custom analytics, actionable intelligence, and media optimization & automation.Using our solutions, Brand Owners, Category Managers, P&L Owners, and Sales andMarketing leaders across enterprises open avenues to new revenue opportunities daily.
We have proprietary AI data acquisition engines which “read” the Ecommercechannels and acquire data in our highly secure databases.
What separates us from the rest is that we are not just a “tools” company but instead have a managed services model with product and business analysts. We provide clients not only with a Dashboard /Platform but Weekly/Monthly reports, integration into their BI tools, and custom analytics backed by global best-in-class cybersecurity standards. Our “secret sauce” has typically enabled our clients to experience a 2X-5X revenue growth and 28% + reduction in the cost of sales over a 6-month period.
We have a standard list of input business requirements from our clients depending on the product/services in-scope for the engagement. It includes the links to e-commerce channels the clients want for data acquisition, list of own & competition products, etc.

As our solutions are fully customizable & can be tailor-suited to meet any requirements, all our client engagements start with & have periodic discovery sessions to determine the exact contours of business requirements.
We acquire data up to 4 times a day in the course of our normal operations. In case of sales events, like Republic Day Sale, Black Friday, etc. we can acquire data every 30 minutes.
The data we acquire is 100% accurate and exactly the same as available on the Ecommerce channel(s) on which the in-scope SKUs are listed.
No, there are no limits on data volume or number of SKUs we can analyze. The scope of analysis depends on the data we can get from the Ecommerce channel on which the SKU is listed. However, please note that data acquisition is a cost and it increases exponentially as we increase the amount of data to be acquired.
For Revstack offerings we provide credentials to our SaaS product which can be accessed via any browser.

For Reviniti offerings we need to integrate with the client’s Amazon Market Services, Supplier/Vendor Central accounts or the similar e-commerce Marketing accounts on other e-commerce channels.

For Data-as-a-Service we can provide APIs or require integration with the destination database on the client’s premises. The destination database will be the location where we will provide the data in the required form & frequency.

In case you have more questions, please reach out to us.