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  • Business growth driver #1

Discoverability & Share of Voice

For brands to succeed on Ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Lazada, Shopee etc. they must first be found by prospective buyers. There is a multitude of factors that influence the discoverability of your brand.

  • Our Visibility/SOV scorecard tracks 32 metrics across key visibility drivers on a daily basis to provide real-time SOV insights across your brands and competitors
  • Our keyword analytics tool uses our proprietary crawlers to uniquely find the top-ranked keywords for your brands (and your competitors)

We track search volumes and your product’s page/position on Amazon for each keyword as keyword performance is critical to bidding strategy for increasing visibility

  • Business growth driver #2

Buyability & Content

Success in Ecommerce is determined by the conversion of clicks to sales.

  • Our Buyability scorecard provides scoring across your product portfolio (and of competitors) for 34 parameters including images, description, A+ content, reviews, and Q&A.

All the metrics are updated every day, changes monitored and alerts sent on any changes

  • Business growth driver #3


Ecommerce has led to faster product launch cycles, intense price competition & heightened consumer expectations. One of the important steps to succeed in Ecommerce is to leverage advanced pricing analytics as a growth driver.

  • The Revstack pricing module allows Brands to make informed decisions on their pricing, discounting, and deals strategy at an overall level and also by Brand vis-à-vis their competitors.
  • Additionally, the pricing module allows brands to unearth the competitive pricing strategy, compete effectively in periods of festivals/sales with rapid, competitive responses, and also determine the pricing sweet spot

The 1DS methodology to success on Ecommerce

Each section in Revstack provides specific insights for brands to take data-driven decisions

Market share module

Sensitivity of sales to spend, pricing, and visibility, by product as well as keyword
Bucketed by features using proprietary algorithmic product mapping to its features (size/ingredient etc.)
Identifying top trends by different features and intensity
New launches, growth drivers and top gainers

Pricing module

Impact analysis of different formats: deals, price off, bundling and coupons
RPI tracking by product and with eyeball competition
In periods of sales, a rapid responsiveness to pricing can be provided by tracking pricing multiple times a day
Maintain parity by channel and alerts on MAP violations

Digital Shelf & SOV Analytics

ML based business goal optimization combining 2 data sources (historical performance and crawling) to take optimum decisions
Right keyword to product mapping, keyword volume to identify high impact ROI, channel level performance
Decode competitor strategy and actions to take better decisions

Keyword Analytics

The keyword bidding strategy can be defined based on the top searched keywords in the category Neste is playing in.
% Share of branded search volume by category, search trends by use case/features etc.

Availability module

Reduction in out of stock situations
Identify when unauthorized sellers are getting buy box and take actions
Identify delivery timelines by pin code to improve visibility as well as conversions

Ratings & Reviews module

ML Based identification of top features by category & understand NPS to understand features that needs to be highlighted/improved
Find the most relevant messaging for product content
Resolve issue before it becomes large by early identification
Combining UGC from reviews, QnA, and search terms

Content Effectiveness

ML Based image analytics for quantification of content quality: readability, mobile readiness, video analytics, grammatical mistakes, appropriate length, branded content, digital shelf analytics
Improvement of content for better visibility and click throughs using search term analytics and content guidelines

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