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From the founder’s desk

As founders, we were looking to solve a big, big problem – and one that had not in our minds been solved before. The trend lines for growth of Ecommerce and share of Ecommerce for brands across countries/markets were very obvious. However the deeper we dug, the more we realized that Ecommerce was a “black box” for even some of the largest companies. Everyone talked about leveraging the data that was available, but how was this even to be done? Our epiphany was that there has to be a technology solution where we combine data from both crawling Ecommerce marketplaces and brand proprietary data to drive Ecommerce success.

– Rohit Anand

We wanted to build a platform that can help brands leverage the power of data to grow their Ecommerce business. We embarked on the journey, with the vision to create a state-of-the-art platform that combines huge volume & velocity of data with analytics to solve “what’s” & “why’s” of brand performance on marketplaces. That has been our guiding beacon – create at scale, a world-class technology product to help brands drive growth on Ecommerce, for clients across the world. We have built the technology & algorithms to combine the power of the public & brand proprietary data to help brands grow on Ecommerce.

– Tarun Singh

We help you succeed in Ecommerce

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Why 1DS?

Product approach

  • 1DS provides a product approach – that is we have a product license for our standard product supported with weekly reports and provide clients with access to their portal. We may do custom reports to meet the needs of enterprise clients or provide an “analyst layer” on top of the standard product.
  • We train client teams to use the actionable insights to drive Visibility, Buyability, address Reviews, Pricing, and other drivers of Brand performance.
  • Our algorithmic media optimization is the other side of our product where again we use a product approach giving clients a license to use the product as well as a login access.
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Breadth of platform

  • We are not simply a PPC company that is only optimizing bids – our breadth of offerings includes a full analytics suite that helps brands get traffic, be discovered and convert traffic.
  • We go beyond to use Data science to mine first-party data from Amazon and other marketplaces using crawling technology that allows us to offer Intelligence to Brands – on Trends, Reviews, Pricing and Visibility.
  • No other PPC Platform comes close to our breadth of offerings. At the same time, we are not an intelligence company – with our approach, brands combine both actionable insights and algorithmic media optimization.
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Analytics and Technology

  • Our strongest differentiator is our technology – we crawl over 100 million data points each day, from marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopee, Walmart and combine this vast volume of data with our proprietary algorithms.
  • Our ML models have been rigorously tested against real-world client data for accuracy and have been successfully used to drive market share across clients and categories.
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Nimbleness and Flexibility

  • Our speed, nimbleness, attention to clients, flexibility, and willingness to work across time zones, set us apart.
  • We combine our marketplace Ecommerce offerings with deep domain expertise across all consumer goods & electronics.
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