Unleash the Power of Online Marketplace Data



Unleash the Power of Online Marketplace Data

1DS offers a modular data platform providing
on-demand access to consistent, reliable and relevant e-marketplace data

DaaS helps brands, agencies and aggregators curate and own data across 125+
e-marketplaces globally with a holistic view of business performance

Our DaaS Offerings

With Our Data-as-a-Service Solution, You Can Easily

Gain access

to rich, reliable e-marketplaces data at desired intervals or ad hoc on demand

Trigger data refresh

based on events or new information

Access raw connected datasets

in order to create and train your own models

Gain flexibility

to support any unique data requirements

Monitor the pulse of your e-commerce market

in near real-time to stay competitive

Easily integrate data into existing analytics dashboards

or export it in JSON format for use in data lakes

Data-as-a-Service Advantages

Easy Sign Up

Plug and Play Standard Templates

Access to Growing List of Data Sources

Flexibility to Fuse with Existing Analytics and Workflows

Other Platforms


Actionable digital shelf intelligence and decision support to drive revenue growth on e-marketplaces


Dominate your advertising and PPC segments and maximize your growth opportunities

Client Success Stories

Try our DaaS platform and its customizable solutions today! 

We curate, integrate and enrich 1P and 3P data over 125+ global e-marketplaces. Book a call with our data experts today to learn more.