1DS approach to successful Ecommerce media management


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Advantages of combined public & brand proprietary data

1. Competitive Insights

Reallocate spend within portfolio to achieve higher overall sales based on ranking against competition – avoid bidding on keywords with already high organic rank

2. Goal based media management

Align business goals with spend allocation – Increase spends on keywords where impressions share is low

3. Scientific campaign creation

Design campaigns, rules & workflows based on both public & proprietary data – include or exclude any set of adgroups, keywords from campaigns

4. Cross marketplace management

Access all analytics, across all marketplaces and take real time actions on the insights from the same tool

Combining crawled data from marketplaces with brand proprietary data from AMS, drives the real impact on accelerating sales

The 1DS technology is your key competitive advantage!


A structured approach to media management

  • Each module provides actionable insights.
  • The relevant actions can also be driven directly from the modules to execute on AMS

Bid Manager

  • The bid manager overview module provides a summary of the key metrics across the campaigns, ad groups, keywords (from AMS), and also rank, impressions, market share, pricing, ratings/reviews, content & availability scores (from crawling public domain data).
  • Decision-makers can view summarized data pivoted on any required granularity and date as well as filter for specific campaigns based on performance
Campaign View
Adgroups view
Keywords View
Products View

Keyword Analytics

  • The performance of each keyword can be tracked from this module using filters.
  • Real-time actions corresponding to each keyword can be executed in the pop-up table
Keywords analytics summary
Keyword analytics deep-dive

Product Analytics

  • A summary of all actions and key metrics across all products in brand’s portfolio can be viewed in this section

Negative Keywords

  • Navigate through keywords you want to keep on the negative keyword list in this module.
  • Take real time decisions based on selected business metrics to put keywords on the negative list

Recommendation section

  • 1DS proprietary AI algorithms suggest tactical changes to budget & placement in this section.
  • All the data points for decision making are illustrated on this dashboard
Budget recommendations
Placement recommendations
  • Wasted spends module highlights media spends that were not successful.
  • Decision-makers can take appropriate actions on these spends to optimize the media strategy

The Reviniti advantage

over Ecommerce marketing portals like AMS

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