How to Build a Brand on Quick Commerce

Cracking modern trade (big supermarkets) and general trade (corner stores) still remains the puzzle for new & upcoming brands, often requiring hefty investments and distribution muscle. The entry of quick commerce offers a refreshing alternative, empowering brands to reach customers directly without the hassle of complex networks. 

Unsurprisingly, we are witnessing a shift towards quick commerce and brands are leveraging it pro-actively to achieve hyper-local dominance asap.

The magic of q-commerce platforms like Blinkit, Zepto, Dunzo and Instamart to reach customers within minutes is now well adopted with the shoppers. They prioritize lightning-fast delivery with instant gratification. The top brands have already realized this potential with India’s Q-commerce GMV set to touch $3.4B in 2024, contributing ~50% of overall e-comm revenues.

For others, who haven’t yet cracked the traditional distribution code or securing spots at stores are also in process to open their digital shop on Quick commerce platforms.

As early partners to both the quick commerce platforms, and top FMCG brands, we have created a simple framework for brands to move ASAP on quick commerce.

Building your Quick Commerce Brand ASAP with ASAP

A- Availability: Moving from the hassle of keeping warehouses, or running a local store, Q- commerce lets you partner with strategically located fulfilment centers to guarantee those super-quick deliveries your customers crave. The key remains to be readily available and effectively track SKUs availability at PIN code level.

S- Sizing (Packs): Smaller sized products or single-serving options that cater to immediate needs has been the current preference for shoppers. Understanding consumer behavior on q-commerce platforms is crucial. Analyzing market concentration by weight bands, pack sizes, and price per weight (PPW) offers unique insights into customer preference and market dynamics.

A- Advertising: With the advent of Q-commerce ads platforms, it has already become a powerful tool for laser-focused targeted marketing. Top brands have mastered this new form of localized marketing with boosted visibility at PIN codes, tailored messages to specific hyper-local areas with optimized ad spends and improved conversions.

P- Pricing: While remaining competitive on price is important, offering right discounts or special promotions catches more eyeballs of customers with high intent. Price your offerings accordingly to reflect the added value of immediate delivery. With data availability and data intelligence you can achieve a pricing sweet spot at a local level. Understanding key metrics such as Price Sensitivity, Price Brands Market distribution, and tracking current discounts in your segment can help sellers make informed pricing decisions.

Q-Commerce: A Lifeline for Underdogs

For brands that have traditionally struggled to gain traction in MT & GT, q-commerce presents a game-changer. Q-commerce provided the level playing field, giving smaller brands with fantastic products a fighting chance to compete effectively. 

By focusing on product availability, strategic sizing, competitive pricing, and hyper-local marketing, brands can establish a dominant presence in this exciting new retail frontier.

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