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Exploring Consumer Buying Behavior, Market Segmentation, and Brand Performance of Vitamins on Amazon US

Unlocking Health Potential

A Generative AI-based Analysis​

The report deep dives into consumer buying behavior, Market Segmentation, and Brand Performance of Vitamins market with a particular focus on Brand Centrum. By harnessing the capabilities of our Data Science and Generative AI, we have conducted extensive analysis, mining vast amounts of data to provide deep insights into this category. We have looked at key trends, white spaces, and consumer preferences and then done a deep dive for Brand Centrum where we have specific recommendations at a granular level.

The Report Covers:


Bestseller Data Points


Search Results for 100+ Keywords


Count of Pre-Purchase QnA


Count of Post Purchase Reviews





Uncovering Insights On

  • Amazon US Vitamins Category and Top 3 Brands by Volume
  • Vitamins Landscape – Based on Use Case and Form
  • Trends
  • Important Satisfaction Drivers for Consumers
  • Consumer Buying Behaviour of Centrum in Multivitamins Category

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