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Comprehensive solutions to efficiently discover, convert and grow your Ecommerce business

Introduction to 1DigitalStack

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We help create a virtuous cycle of growth for your Ecommerce business

Publicly Available Data

Crawl marketplaces to generate actionable insights

Proprietary ML Algorithms
  • Market share estimates – best seller rank data

  • Keyword search volumes – marketplace indexing

  • Share of voice algorithms – search engine results page

  • Content/image analytics – product page data

  • Customer insights – ratings and reviews data

Brand Proprietary Data

Effective media optimisation aligned to business goals

Automated AI Optimisations
  • AI based business goals optimisation
  • Competitive actions & automated response

  • Scientific campaign structure – action oriented workflow

  • Rules based optimisations – reduce manual interventions

  • Decision aids in visualisation & reporting

Unravel Ecommerce success with state-of-the-art 1DS technology

Revstack drives brand growth using Ecommerce intelligence

Reviniti drives brand growth using algorithmic media optimization

Customer Success

Startegic wins to help our customers succeed on Ecommerce marketplaces


sales growth in 12 months for world’s leading coffee producer


ACoS reduction for a premium luxury footwear brand


average man hours saved per week per customer with 1DS technology


increase in market share for India’s leading laptop brand


market share gain for India’s leading beauty brand


market share gain for world’s largest electronic goods brand

Our Scale

  • 200M+
    Records a day

We crawl 2TB of data everyday

  • $1B+

We manage 3% of India’s Ecommerce business

  • 120+

We work with all large marketplaces of the world

  • 11+

Our customers are spread across India, US, Germany, UK, Japan, UAE, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines & South Korea

  • 2X-5X
    Market share growth

Typical client engagements have seen a 2X – 5X growth in market share over a 6-8 months period

  • 4
    Fortune 500 companies

We work with the largest companies. 496 to go!

The 1DS advantage

1. Addresses the Ecommerce black box

  • 99% of brands struggle to fully leverage the power of Amazon and other marketplaces. Unlike traditional organized retail, there is too much data in the e-commerce world. The challenge for marketers is to use this data to drive real-time insights.
  • Typically marketplaces provide limited insights to brands – data shared with brands is not more than 90 days, the data itself is often indexed data. Also, only brand-specific information is provided by marketplaces while the need is to have a competitive view.
  • Success on Ecommerce channels needs alignment between e-commerce, marketing, and channel teams – with a shared view of the truth. 1DS crawls Amazon and marketplaces several times a day and provides real-time continual insights using ML-based algorithms on the vast amount of data
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2. Technology at scale + domain expertise

  • Crawling data across multiple marketplaces with different structures, standardizations, data storage, and transformation is a complex task. The volume, variety, and veracity of data throw unique challenges to do analytics at such a large scale.
  • We have developed proprietary algorithms to analyze billions of records and make sense of data to generate actionable insights.
  • Our team of domain experts has worked in Ecommerce for decades. We keep ourselves updated with all new developments and the strong partnerships we have with marketplaces always keep you ahead of the curve
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3. Addresses the “what is happening” and “why is it happening”

  • Revstack enables marketing teams to understand the relative brand performance – the “what is happening” piece. This includes the overall market share, market share across sub-categories, and sales/market share trends by value and volume.
  • Subsequent modules enable brands to pinpoint drivers of performance across Visibility, Share of Voice, Buyability, Reviews, and Pricing – the “why” piece.
  • Each module leverages our in-house proprietary algorithms – for example, market shares are estimated using a combination of best seller rank, review, inventory on a real-time, dynamic basis
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4. Single platform to provide actionable insights + algorithmic media optimization

  • The 1DS solution suite has 2 sides – Revstack, which provides actionable intelligence from public domain marketplace data, and Reviniti, which provides algorithmic media optimization combining Revstack insights and brand proprietary data.
  • This approach allows brands to take media decisions based on metrics such as organic rank on page or share of impressions, which would otherwise not be possible without Revstack
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Our technology works on all Ecommerce marketplaces across the world

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