Breaking the Mold: Men’s Shampoo Preferences Redefining the Shampoo Market, Reveals’s Exclusive Report

Press Release: Hair Care Report for Amazon India

[Tuesday 18th July 2023, India] –, a leading Digital Shelf Intelligence Company, has released an exclusive report titled “From Roots to Ends”, uncovering crucial insights into the shifting dynamics of the Shampoo Market.

Unveiling a Growing Trend: Men Seeking Tailored Shampoos

A seismic shift is occurring in the Shampoo Market as men increasingly seek shampoos that cater to their specific needs.’s latest findings reveal that the search for men’s shampoo has nearly doubled since last year, challenging traditional notions and presenting a unique opportunity for brands to redefine their offerings.

Consumer Seeking Awareness


Value Unleashed: The Power of a Bargain

In a landscape where value reigns supreme, one in four online shoppers buying shampoos on Amazon actively seeks value for money deals or discounts. Brands that can deliver cost-effective options will unlock a competitive advantage, capturing the attention of value-conscious consumers.

Purchases Decisions


Efficacy Drives Choice: Decoding Consumer Preferences

Unveiling the secret behind purchase decisions, the report highlights that approximately 75% of consumers prioritize product efficacy when choosing a shampoo. Addressing concerns related to hair fall and anti-dandruff solutions is key, allowing brands to establish themselves as trusted allies in consumers’ hair care journeys

Safeguarding Trust: The Rise of Dermatologically Tested Shampoos

Consumer safety is paramount, and it is evident in the Shampoo Market evolution. The report underscores a remarkable sixfold increase in shampoos undergoing dermatological testing over the past five years. Brands that emphasize comprehensive testing to ensure safety, while also addressing side effects and allergies, will foster trust and loyalty among consumers.

“Our research provides concrete evidence of the growing demand for shampoos that cater to men’s specific hair care needs,” says Tarun Jyot Singh, co-founder of “The doubling of searches for men’s shampoo highlights an emerging trend that presents a significant opportunity for brands to capture this market segment.”

The report “From Roots to Ends” by offers indispensable insights for brands and marketers aiming to break the mold and stay ahead in the ever-evolving Shampoo Market. By embracing shifting consumer preferences and tailoring their offerings accordingly, businesses can carve their path to success.

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