Achieving 3x Market Share for a Laptop Brand

Learn how 1DS helped a Laptop Brand achieve 3X Market Share within a year

Laptop case study

About the Client

The client is a Fortune 50 Technology brand (Laptops & Accessories) that operates across multiple categories in more than 150 countries.

1DS Approach

We conducted a deep dive into Amazon India sales data, customer reviews, competitor analysis, and market trends. This comprehensive analysis identified critical areas for improvement, including visibility, buyability (retail readiness), effectively monitoring out-of-stock issues, content deficiencies, and identifying pockets of growth.

Key Impact:

  • Market Share Surge: The client’s market share for laptops and accessories on Amazon India grew from 6% to 18% within a year.
  • Brand Visibility Boost: Increased search ranking and targeted advertising significantly enhanced brand awareness among potential customers.

  • Conversion Rate Climb: Optimised product listings and continuous improvement on content scoring leading to a 75% increase in conversion rates.
  • OOS & Buybox Losses Minimization with >99% stock availability and zero buybox losses.

Key Levers Pulled:

Improved Visibility: Broadened Top of Funnel with Keyword Targeting Engine and a complete keyword overhaul with relevant keywords targeting for laptops and accessories across various categories (gaming, budget, business).

Content Enrichment: Product listings were revitalized with compelling titles, detailed descriptions, and high-quality images showcasing key features and benefits. Rich content like A+ pages further enhanced product information and user engagement.

Voice of Customer Corrective Actions:  Q&A:- Analysing questions asked by customers and addressing them in the title itself. Example Battery life, DPI, connectivity, etc

Identifying Pockets of Growth:  Analysed micro features and identified whitespaces where the brand can foray into with a new product offering and/or increase visibility through paid advertising.

Beyond the Numbers:

This case study illustrates the transformational power of data-driven strategies, automation tools, and collaborative partnerships. By revitalising the client’s brand presence on Amazon India, we helped them reclaim market leadership and achieve significant growth. This success story serves as a blueprint for other IT brands seeking to excel in the competitive world of e-commerce.

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