Cracking into Top 10 Best Sellers for a Personal Care Brand on Amazon IN

Learn how 1DS helped a Personal Care Brand increase its visibility and achieved #8 Best Seller Rank with improved conversion rate of 80%

How to achieve best sellers list on Amazon with better visibility and improved conversion

About the Client

The client is a leading global personal care brand that operates across multiple categories in more than 200 countries. 

1DS Approach

We implemented a multi-pronged approach, leveraging data-driven insights and automation to propel their performance. Reviniti’s ad automation platform became the core, streamlining campaign management, media analysis, and real-time optimization. This enabled us to make data-backed decisions and fine-tune bids for maximum impact.

Keyword Strategy Revamp:

A crucial aspect of our strategy involved a comprehensive keyword analysis to ensure optimal campaign efficiency and targeted the right audience effectively.

Precision Targeting:

To enhance ad delivery and maximise reach and conversions, we employed dayparting tactics by targeting peak buying times. Smart negative keywords ensured efficient spending.

Collaborative Success:

The cornerstone of this success story was the close collaboration between our team, the client, and the Amazon team. Open communication conquered e-commerce complexities.

Key Impact

  1. Inverted their existing RoAS & CPC trend with RoAS improvement by 2.5x and CPC improvement by over 40%

2. Achieved an all-time best ranking of #8 from #20 in Moisturizer Category Best Seller Rank.

3. Keywords Performance:

  • Branded Keywords- Reduced spends from 25% to 20% (at search term level)
  • Competition Keywords – Improved conversion rate by 80%
  • Generic Keywords – Reduction in CPC by 60% while maintaining spends

1DS Key Interventions:

  • 285 RoAS improvement automations
  • 740 Dayparting actions
  • 23 Automated Buybox actions
  • 44 Negative Keyword actions 
  • 1640 new Targets addition for improved targeting

Beyond the Numbers:

1DS Reviniti’s data-driven approach, automation & productized service serves as a valuable blueprint for brands seeking to navigate the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape and achieve similar levels of success. By focusing on these elements, 1DS was able to completely transform the brand’s presence on Amazon, propelling them from a struggling contender to a leading force in the online marketplace.

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