Achieved 2x RoAS on Blinkit within a month

Learn how 1DS helped a Face Care Brand double its RoAS, supercharge their impressions and efficiency in a month.

About the Client

The client is a Face Care Brand with active presence across online & offline channels.

1DS Approach

We implemented a multifaceted approach to achieve the client’s goals. Here’s how:

  • Data-Driven Bidding: We leveraged machine learning algorithms to optimise bids in real-time. This ensured our client’s ads were displayed at the most cost-effective times and placements.
  • Strategic Keyword Expansion: A comprehensive keyword analysis identified new, relevant keywords with high search volume and lower competition. This expanded the client’s reach to a wider audience.
  • Rule Based Automation: Utilizing Reviniti’s rule based automations to improve capital efficiency

Key Impact

  1. Impressions boost to 2.7x while reducing Cost per Mille (CPM) by 43%

2. Increased Total Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) by 72% and RoAS improving to more than 2x

3. Reducing Cost per Add to Cart (CPATC) by 27% while scaling spends by more than 405

1DS Key Interventions:

  • 1341 bid adjustments
  • 214 strategic keyword additions
  • 41 automated rules implemented

Beyond the Numbers:

This case study demonstrates the power of data-driven advertising strategies. By combining advanced bidding techniques, strategic keyword expansion, and creative optimization, we were able to deliver exceptional results for our client. This approach serves as a blueprint for brands seeking to maximise impressions, improve efficiency, and achieve outstanding return on ad spend.

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